What have you been up to lately?

Such a common question we ask each other. And often without knowing it, or intending to do so, we can make someone feel bad. It’s like the rat race never continues, and I almost feel like sometimes we are doing “competitive quilting” amongst our friends.

There are the comments about how much so-and-so gets done, and then the inevitable, how little you’ve been able to accomplish. Well I want to celebrate about the little, or the lots we all “get done”. I don’t care if it was “just” this, or “not too much” of that… let’s be happy for one another and celebrate our accomplishments. Now I’m not saying that the people I quilt with make me feel bad, and actually, I typically feel pretty darn happy about anything I get sewn with their support, but I want us to all share that sense of pride and accomplishment.

So, as I reflect on what I have done this week, I’m not going to think about all the quilts I didn’t make, I’m going to think about the one quilt I did finish. I’m not going to dwell on the stacks of fabric I haven’t made into anything (I just bought more from the charming Sewcial Lounge in Madison and at the Blue Underground Studios booth at the Quilt Expo in Madison) I’m going to celebrate the fact that when teaching the other day I taught three more ladies the joys of machine binding a quilt. Yea, machine binding!

In case you were wondering what I accomplished lately, here is the quilt I made for my nephew. He’s only 6 months old, so he’ll grow into it.

a green and brown quilt made of strips

This is the quilt I made for Alex. It was a scrappy creation that has a nice cozy flannel backing on it.

I free-motioned the swirls in the quilt

I made some spirals in the quilt free-motion style.


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