Quilting adds the dimension

Now because I like machine quilting, I have a tendency to quilt the entire quilt thinking that is what any good quilter would do. That was before… and now I’m going to try something new. Drumroll please…… I love the texture the quilting creates, but it’s also the use of the open, un-quilted spaces that can be awesome too. It is use of the unquilted spaces that can make the quilting that much more dramatic, bold, and noticeable.

With batting now a days they say it can be quilted a good distance apart, so in this quilt I took advantage of that. Not that these squares are huge, but they are about 4 inches in size, so to not have quilted them, you notice that. In this case, I think the absence of quilting really adds to the dimension of this otherwise simple quilt. This latest baby quilt is available for sale on Etsy.

Do you use “empty” space in your quilts? Do you like this effect?

a green and blue quilt with minimal quilting, to enhance the pattern of the fabric

Here is an example of one of my recent projects with minimal quilting. I love how the squares are given such dimension.

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