Why we quilt

People quilt for all sorts of reasons, and this blog post made me think about why I do.

I think I started because my older sister did, and since I’m that pesky younger sister who has to do everything that her older sister does, when she made a quilt, I had to try. That was around 2002. Although that was why I started quilting, that’s not what made me continue.

After moving to Naperville, IL, I made friends with a great quilter named Catherine Redford and she invited me to join the local quilt guild, the Riverwalk Quilters. Catherine has a great blog: http://catherineredford.wordpress.com/ but, that’s besides the point. Anyway, so back to why I quilt. Shortly into quilting, I realized that I could make personalized gifts that when given to others could make them feel great, which in turn makes me feel great.

When making a quilt, I love finding the perfect fabric, concocting the perfect design, and then quilting it to perfection… or just quilting it, perfect or not. I realized that it brings me joy, makes me smile, in fact I’m smiling just writing about it, and gives me a sense of accomplishment with each project I finish.

Quilting is also a way that I have chosen to give back. Whether it be through a guild’s philanthropy project, such as Project Linus, or Quilts of Valor, or donating to your local hospital’s children’s ward, there are always opportunities to get involved. This is why when I recently moved back to Iowa City, IA, where I had gone to university, I decided to make a quilt to raise funds for the Women’s Gymnastics Team. The Hawkeye’s, not the Cyclones (sorry, IA State). I’m taking the yellow color-wash quilt to all the home gymnastics meets in attemps to collect donations for raffle tickets. So far business has been slow, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing it, none the less. The quilt  is approximately twin sized (done intentionally for those college students living in the dorms), and includes the autographs (quilted in) from each of the team members.

Yellow color wash quilt with "Hawkeye Gymnastics" quilted into it.
Me and the Hawkeye Gymnastics quilt.

Hopefully with a little time the quilt will find a few fans.

That’s all from me for now, but please share! I’d love to know why you quilt, why you started, and what keeps you going.

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