Silk quilts can’t be found

So for those of you who asked about additional quilts that I have made with silk, I was really sad to discover that I couldn’t find pictures of either one of the others that I had mentioned.  One of them was three modern looking roses, and it was very heavily quilted which really gave the roses such wonderful texture. It sold at the guild auction for over $100, which was pretty exciting. The second piece had 3 or 4 owls in a vertical row. Each with their wings all accented with cute feathers. Not quite as mature a piece but full of whimsy and just as nice.

So instead, to fill your appetite for quilts, I give you the only other quilt I have with silk dupioni, and this is much more or an art piece/ wall hanging than a traditional quilt. It’s part of the series of small quilts our group has been making for our “Not Quite A Quilt Guild” that meets at Home Ec. Workshop  in Iowa City.

I really went out on the wild side and made this:

An attempt at an out there landscape

Here is the only other piece I used silk in - one of the purple lines is silk

So, I apologize about not having the other fancy silk gals available for a pic, but hey, maybe I should just make some more?

A pair of leaves that I added dimension to with quilting.

A little more of the leaves quilt

Happy Quilting!


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