What have you been up to lately?

Such a common question we ask each other. And often without knowing it, or intending to do so, we can make someone feel bad. It’s like the rat race never continues, and I almost feel like sometimes we are doing “competitive quilting” amongst our friends. There are the comments about how much so-and-so gets done, and … Continue reading

Another busy week…

I have been keeping up the sewing and I am feeling like I am making some progress. I got a “Mini Monkey” made and with this one I really tried to do some more creative free-motion quilting. I decided that this pattern would be free to anyone who purchases one of my patterns on Etsy, or … Continue reading

I’m back at it….

Whew, It’s been a while since I was able to write a new blog post, but it’s not all been in vain. I have been spending the last number of months quilting, teaching and designing new patterns! It’s been great fun getting to teach a variety of classes, some from existing patterns, and some of … Continue reading

Quilting adds the dimension

Now because I like machine quilting, I have a tendency to quilt the entire quilt thinking that is what any good quilter would do. That was before… and now I’m going to try something new. Drumroll please…… I love the texture the quilting creates, but it’s also the use of the open, un-quilted spaces that can be awesome … Continue reading

Why we quilt

People quilt for all sorts of reasons, and this blog post made me think about why I do. I think I started because my older sister did, and since I’m that pesky younger sister who has to do everything that her older sister does, when she made a quilt, I had to try. That was around 2002. … Continue reading

Silk quilts can’t be found

So for those of you who asked about additional quilts that I have made with silk, I was really sad to discover that I couldn’t find pictures of either one of the others that I had mentioned.  One of them was three modern looking roses, and it was very heavily quilted which really gave the roses such wonderful … Continue reading